Xiaomi portable flashlight featuring integrated smartphone charger

Xiaomi Company in the recent years has been described as a company enabling a fun and a much bearable future with its high technology products. Being popular and one of the most loved brands their high tech products ranging from smartphones, laptops, to wristbands, and now the sleek and lightweight portable smart flashlights. With these kinds of productions, there is no objection that they are concerned with humanity’s everyday life to make it better and much bearable.


We had a chance to review some of their production portable flashlights and we are confident to say that they only produce the best Portable flashlights in the market. Here are the facts about Xiaomi Portable Flashlight with featured Steepless dimming.

Xiaomi Portable Flashlight


When it comes to something that you are to carry within your hands or in your pockets some of the main concerns are size and weight. Well, this is not an issue anymore with the new Xiaomi Mobile Flashlight. Xiaomi Portable flashlight comes in smooth and lightweight making sure that your hands are comfortable holding the flashlight and that your pocket or handbag is not heavy from the weight of the flashlight. Made from the aluminum alloy, the flashlight is also designed to last long and free from rust, maintaining its original glare to keep it sleek and as it was new.

Xiaomi Portable Flashlight

Walking or working in different zones or areas sometimes requires you to dim your lights or activate high beams. Xiaomi mobile flashlight gives you this advantage with its adjustable luminescence. You can easily adjust brightness to different modes for different use by just tuning the lamp head. The illumination is also designed to last longer than with your regular flashlight with the fact that Xiaomi portable flashlight is powered by a 3350 mAh battery that is capable of giving lighting time of about 216 minutes.

Xiaomi Portable Flashlight

With the inbuilt charging capacity and two USB ports you can easily hook your smartphone, iPod or any smaller digital device, with a requirement of up to 5v current, and start charging. The extras don’t stop there as this flashlight comes in with adjustable current flow to enable switching between currents to suit even smaller devices such as wristband watches.

Xiaomi Portable Flashlight

Xiaomi portable flashlight also features an integrated automatic temperature control. This helps avoid overheating during operation in a hotter environment and also makes it safe to use for longer periods. It also eliminates the worry of damaging your flashlight battery when you have forgotten your flashlight charging for too long.

Xiaomi Portable Flashlight

One of the things every camper and every tourist should have is an emergency flasher to alert those nearby of their whereabouts. Xiaomi Mobile Power Flashlight comes integrated with this feature to keep you knowing you can call for help even when your Smartphone’s network is dead. To activate this feature all you need is to press the function button 3 times and the SOS flashing lights will be activated immediately so you can flash for help.



Owing to everyday needs of a flashlight and an easy to handle one there is no reason why not to go with Xiaomi portable flashlight. With the features, this flashlight is designed with you are guaranteed that you are not only getting a flashlight but something sleek and fashionable capable to make your everyday life easier. Whether you are going camping, boat riding or just working in that dark garage you are assured that your Xiaomi mobile flashlight will keep you working for long hours without dimming or going off unexpectedly. To say the most, it eliminates the worry about your phone going off in the middle of you closing a deal. You can keep talking while the Xiaomi Mobile Flashlight integrated charging system keeps your battery charging and energized.




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