This time, the manufacturer has based on down to earth packaging with discretionary extras. While unloading, you will be welcomed by a black box of medium sizes with an image of the item and necessary details (in our case, they were in the Chinese language).

After unloading, the bundle is separated into a few sections. The most significant part is the electric lamp part, which offers a ground-breaking metal processing. Packing may look somewhat heavier regarding weight; this inclination makes only the quality handling of the spotlight. There is additionally a concise guide with the item picture and the Nextool accomplice logo.

Xiaomi nextool LED flashlight



The producer of the electric lamp, Nextool, dealt with the item itself. The components of the electric lamp itself halted at 164 x 59 x 34 mm. The light head itself contains LEDs with high radiance, while it is conceivable to unscrew part of the handle.

At this point, a very much concealed USB Type C connector, intended to charge the gadget, will show up. Weight is 265 grams (without battery inserted). The handle of the Xiaomi Nextool LED flashlight is made of metal composite, is genuinely incredible; thus, don’t stress over fast harm to this development. As per the maker’s particulars, this design can deal with a drop of up to one meter.


As far as specialized particulars, we could undoubtedly say that it is a steroid electric lamp. It isn’t just quality workmanship of the development yet also a stable radiance of the coordinated LED. It halted at an estimation of 2000 lumens, and the producer shows the glimmer up to a separation of 380 meters.

The light is moderately cool; the producer expresses the estimation of 6500K. The presence of IPX7 affirmation underlines this expanded strength. This is expanded protection from water, which is an invite plus. Five lighting modes complete the battery. The most grounded “super mode” offers a limit of 2000 lumens (extend up to 380 meters), high luminance mode like this 560 lumens (run 200 meters), medium luminance mode has 200 lumens (110 meters), and low luminance mode accordingly 25 lumens (40 meters).


Model Nextool XPH50 we tried both in night conditions and in obscurity, yet also during the day with daylight. The best exhibition as far as luminance is accomplished in the most grounded mode altogether darkness. The backdrop illumination estimation of 380 meters is genuine, and the spotlight offers shockingly infiltrating and reliable light. Cautiously, accordingly, utilizing it within sight of others, taking a gander at the direct solid light of the battery, is unquestionably distress.


Battery power is understood as truly intriguing. Each client will locate a replaceable barrel-shaped battery pack; however, it is a battery-powered 5000 mAh battery. The battery is 26650 norm and can control the spotlight for 140 hours in the most fragile mode.

The round and hollow battery is embedded inside the metal handle with the underside in the wake of unscrewing the string. The +/ – images, which are significant for the battery’s right addition, are situated outwardly of the handle, in white.

Xiaomi Nextool LED flashlight


High luminosity and light range

USB Type-C connector

Long battery life

Long-life LED technology


Compared to competing flashlights, a higher price, but justifiably


The flashlight is suitable for amateur use when walking through the forest and for more professional activities that require above-standard levels of luminance and light range in low light conditions or total darkness. Visit Banggood.com to get this gadget at a moderate expense.

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