Why we all need a flashlight?


Can you imagine yourself in a state of total darkness, right in the middle of serving your favorite meal after the hard work and patiently waiting for it be ready so that you can present it to your special guest because the lights suddenly went off?


Well! Find out for yourself why you need either of this two flashlights in your possession, the 5000 Lumen Flashlight,BLF Q8 4x XP-L Flashlight ,Astrolux MF02,Astrolux MF02 LED Flashlight. A flashlight also popularly referred to as a torch is simply light easily carried with one’s hand. The light originates from light bulb that is incandescent or LED,light-emitting diode, flashlights come in handy when there is no light in areas that lack power supply.

5000 Lumen Flashlight

BLF Q8 4x XP-L Flashlight

This 5000 Lumen Flashlight is just perfect to take care of you if by chance you were got unaware by sudden power loss. The flashlight has the following great features to serve you to your satisfaction at a very affordable cost that is worth your investment.

  1. 18650 batteries that could go up to 1500 hours when maximally used.
  2. The core components of the flashlight are well protected using a bezel stainless steel ring.
  3. The flashlight is waterproof and uses 4 XP-L LEDs.
  4. It has great memory function to ascertain levels of brightness
  5. 5000 Lumen Flashlighthas direct access to turbo outputs and the ultra low.
  6. The torch has a good quality transmittance glass.
  7. The flashlight is made from aluminum alloy with an in build power indicator to show the power usage.
  8. It can blink out of voltage with an accuracy of 0.1v.

5000 Lumen Flashlight

On the other hand, the great Astrolux MF02 LED Flashlight will give you a guarantee of your money and here are some of its unique features that anyone who has ever experienced the annoyance that comes with sudden power loss wouldn’t want to miss out:

  1. The flashlight uses an XHP35 HI LED and its powered by 18650 batteries.
  2. The torch can light up to 1697 meters and can power for a maximum of 300hours.
  3. There is only one switch on the flashlight which provides for all functions including change of brightness levels.
  4. The flashlight is specially designed with a breathing lock-up that detects batteries percentage and voltage.
  5. Astrolux MF02is waterproof and capable to stand on its tail.

5000 Lumen Flashlight


Avoid situations where your guests might trip and fall on the faces due to power loss related surprises or kids screaming because they are scared of unannounced darkness while watching their favorite program by taking advantage of the above very efficient and durable flashlights. Illuminate your way or home for the better with these wonderful products to choose from.


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