Where can i buy a laser pointer

What is laser pointer?
A laser pointe is a small pen-like handheld device that uses a power source (usually batteries) and diode laser to produce a coherent beam of monochromatic light. Laser pointers are used mainly for highlighting a point of interest by using a strongly colored beam of light. Typical low-end laser pointers that come with key chains are nothing more than strong LEDs to ensure safety.

laser pointer

Areas of Application

Industrial and research use
Laser pointers are used in industry. For instance, construction companies may use high quality laser pointers to enhance the accuracy of showing specific distances, while working on large-scale projects. They proved to be useful in this type of business because of their accuracy, which made them significant time-savers. What is essentially a laser pointer may be built into an infrared thermometer to identify where it is pointing, or be part of a laser level or other apparatus.

Laser pointers are often used in educational and business presentations and visual demonstrations as an eye-catching pointing device. Laser pointers enhance verbal guidance given to students during surgery.

Entertainment and Leisure
Entertainment is one of the other applications that has been found for lasers. The most common use of lasers in entertainment can be seen in special effects used in laser shows. Clubs, parties and outdoor concerts all use high-power lasers, with safety precautions, as a spectacle. Laser shows are often extravagant, using lenses, mirrors and smoke.

How to Use Laser Pointers Safely
1. Never point your laser at another person, especially their face
Laser pointers are very useful, but are a serious hazard to the eyes if used improperly. While lasers under five milliwatts are unlikely to cause significant injury, staring directly into the beam can cause a dark spot, or burn, on your retina. The bright light of the beam can also distract someone while driving or operating aircraft.
2. Never, under any circumstances, look directly into the laser beam
Even if it is a low powered laser pointer, you don’t want to take chances with your eyes. Looking directly at the beam, even for a few seconds, can damage your retina.
3. Always be aware of reflective surfaces
Mirrors, polished metal, or glass will reflect the beam of the laser and can accidentally hit another person in the eyes. Even this reflected beam can be harmful to others.

Where to buy a laser pointer
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The apparent brightness of a spot from a laser beam depends on the optical power of the laser, the reflectivity of the surface, and the chromatic response of the human eye.

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