What to consider before purchasing a LED flashlight

If you want to get a good LED flashlight for specific situations, there are four things you should know about first. Recognizing these four issues, and knowing where to find them, will save you a lot of money and bad experiments.
Before buying a LED flashlight, you probably made up your mind to get the optimal torch. The problem, however, is how to define the best flashlight. Is it the one that all the kids have in school? Is it the one that your colleague uses when he goes hunting? Or is it the one your mother-in-law always carries with her, in case she needs to defend herself against violent men in the streets?
Well, it could be any of the ones mentioned about. However, you would probably agree that it’s hard to measure the performance of such a torch.Earlier, you would have to do with statements and reviews like that. Since 2009, however, there exists a standard that the flashlight manufacturers can use and, which makes it easy to compare one Torch flashlight to the next for the consumers.

Torch flashlight
This is good for you, and it will show you, black on white, what to expect from a specific torch.

1. Light Output: This is measured in Lumens, and the more Lumens, the brighter light.
2. Run Time: How long should you expect your flashlight to be useful on a set of batteries?
3. Range (in Meters): This measures the length of the light beam in meters.
4. Peak Beam Intensity (in Candela): How far away will the torch light still be useful?
5. Water Resistance Rating: Will your torch tolerate a rainy day, or being dropped into the water by accident? Or will it even be able to survive several hours under water?
6. Impact Resistance: How well will your flashlight survive, if it’s dropped or thrown on cement (measured in meters).

Benefits of LED flashlights

Longer operational life: One of the biggest advantages of LED flashlights is their longer operational lives. Most LED flashlights have an operational life expectancy of over 25,000 hours, which is as longer than nearly all flashlights will be used. This advantage, made possible by the solid state technology that LEDs use, eliminates the need for routine bulb replacement. In fact, it is usually safe to assume they will never need to be replaced.

Switch between output levels: Many of these torches give users the choice to select a desirable output level. Users can select a lower output level when so much bright light is not required. The ability to control the output levels helps immensely in prolonging the life of batteries.

Choice of light colors: LED flashlights come in many colors like blue, green, red, and of course, traditional white. Moreover, white light emitted by these flashlights is more akin to natural sunlight in comparison to what is produced by incandescent bulbs. Furthermore, when the battery loses power, these flashlights continue to project white light and not a yellowish-orange light like conventional flashlights do.

Save energy: These torches require significantly less energy in comparison to conventional ones. The potential energy savings by using LED flashlights is estimated to be approximately 85%.

The advantages of LEDs in flashlights are numerous. This makes them the right choice for someone who is looking for a durable bulb, longer battery life, less power-consumption and low carbon emissions. At Banggood.com you can find a top-quality LED flashlight of your choice to purchase.

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