Using Fenix TK75 Kit to Make Full Of The Flashlight

As is well-known, the Fenix TK75 is the most powerful and functional flashlight which can produce super bright light. It is widely used in outdoor activities, such as hiking, camping, cycling, climbing and so on. In order to make full use of the flashlight, Fenix TK75 kit is designed for the better performance of the flashlight.

Fenix TK75

Fenix TK75

The kit has a tube body and a battery holder. Fenix TK75 LED flashlight may be extended by increasing the tube body and battery holder. Each section tube body and a battery frame can be extended by a times of the nominal battery life, but the flashlight torch brightness of each gear will not change.

If you install the kit with the right direction, an extra extended runtime Fenix TK75 kit can extend a times of the nominal runtime, which means you can use the flashlight for a super long time for outdoor recreation with the assistance of the kit. While, it is not suggested to use three or more on one Fenix TK75 LED flashlight.

The kit is light, and the net weight is 153g. It is easy to carry. If you are going to have outdoor recreation, it is suggested that you can get the kit with you. The light condition is vital and important in outside, and flashlight can be used not only for illumination, but also for keeping safety. The kit here can do great help in making full use of the flashlight to the largest extent, making sure that you are able to have a good light condition and guarantee your safety to some extent.

It is obvious from the above that Fenix TK75 kit is helpful and useful to make full use of the flashlight. It is highly recommended to you to apply this kit. If you are going to have outdoor recreation, you’ d better to bring this practical and beneficial kit with you.


  1. Omar


    I am attracted by this multifunctional flashlight. I can use it for a super long time. It is definitely a good product.

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