Ultra Bright Nitecore EA81 CREE XPH50 LED Flashlight

The high quality LED flashlight I am going to share with you is Nitecore explorer series product, named Nitecore EA81 CREE XPH50 LED flashlight. This flashlight can emit 2150 lumens ultra bright light, suitable for camping, hiking, hunting and other outdoor activities.Nitecore EA81 CREE XPH50 LED FlashlightIf you are curious about this outdoor lighting tool, you can continue reading, and the following will introduce it to you in details.Nitecore EA81 CREE XPH50 LED Flashlight-1This flashlight is 193mm in length, 60mm in head diameter and 41.8mm in body diameter. Slim unibody design is for one-hand gripping easiness. Wide knurling provides a more secured grip.Nitecore EA81 CREE XPH50 LED Flashlight-2This Nitecore EA81 CREE XPH50 LED flashlight is equipped with 4 CREE XPH50 LEDs. Equivalent to CREE XM-L2 in terms of size, the XPH50 is capable of emitting at twice the brightness, effectively halves heat generated and energy loss.Nitecore EA81 CREE XPH50 LED Flashlight-3This Nitecore LED flashlight has maximum beam distance up to 462 meters. With maximum beam intensity up to 53,300cd, this EA81 is your perfect AA searchlight.Nitecore EA81 CREE XPH50 LED Flashlight-4This high intensity flashlight has five brightness levels and three concealed special modes, capable of satisfying various lighting requirements in different situation.Nitecore EA81 CREE XPH50 LED Flashlight-5Applying dual side switches, this various modes flashlight features unprecedented ease of use.Nitecore EA81 CREE XPH50 LED Flashlight-6This dual switches flashlight is waterproof IPX-8, able to be used for illumination even when it is rainy. This feature makes it ideal and perfect for outdoor lighting.

If you are going to have outdoor activities, you are highly recommended to bring this Nitecore EA81 CREE XPH50 LED flashlight with you, as this flashlight is really an ultra bright waterproof lighting tool for you to have.

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