A Snippet OF The Tritium Keychain

Are you tired of constantly losing your keys? Are you exhausted of having to look for your keys in the dark and can’t find them? Are you looking for a keychain that is not only functional but trendy? Well, the solution to your problem is very simple; get yourself a tritium keychain as soon as yesterday! A tritium keychain contains tritium in a glass vial that emits a unique luminous glow in the dark. The tritium keychain is not only cost effective but very also durable.
tritium keychain

Tritium keychain comes with the most amazing and interesting specifications.
I. They are waterproof. The glass vial doesn’t let anything in or out.
Ii. They are durable. Tritium has a half-life of about 12 years which means the glow will last long.
iii. They don’t require any installation. You just have to hook the keys and that’s it.
iv. No electric charging is necessary. They glow all on their own and this also makes the shockproof.

v. They come in different designs and colors
tritium keychain

From the above specifications, the tritium keychain has a huge benefit to users.
1. They sturdily hold your keys, reducing chances of loss.
2. They glow in the dark so you can easily spot your keys at night.
3. Relatively cheap as once you buy them you will not incur any other charges.no electricity charging, no maintenance and installation.
4. They are safe for human use and are shockproof.
5. Come in a wide range of colors and designs giving you to choose a keychain that you are most comfortable.

6. Some designs can not only be used as key chains but can also double down as a necklace.
tritium keychain
Let’s face it, we are all tired of purchasing key chains and then losing them in the house, only to find ten years later when you already changed the locks. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be worry-free when you accidentally fall in a pool with your keychain the pocket? Tritium keychain is the next big thing and you haven’t gotten yourself one then you are missing out on a lot of benefits.

Even though tritium is a radioactive material, Tritium keychain is absolutely harmless and pose no danger to the users as they are in a polycarbonate casing. Having had one for about two years, I can assure you that they are the real deal. I no longer worry about losing my keys in the dark and besides, it’s a really fancy gadget to own. If you already own one, it is also a really cool gift to gift a loved one; lasts long and can be used in harsh environments. Owning the tritium keychain is definitely the way to go.

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