Three Indispensable Elements Of UltraFire CREE Q5 MINI LED Flashlight

UltraFire CREE Q5 MINI LED flashlight is one of the most important necessities for me. The flashlight is practical and helpful for me, doing me great favor. This useful flashlight has three indispensable elements.

UltraFire CREE Q5 MINI LED FlashlightThe first is that the flashlight is specially designed. It has aluminum alloy casing and aluminum alloy reflector, quite durable for long time use. It is the best EDC flashlight which has high quality. As it consists of LED, flashlight has long life span, able to be used for a long time. Internal wiring applies the high efficient booster circuit, and working voltage is wide, allowing people to utilize the batteries in the largest extent. The designs of the flashlight are really practical and functional, making it perform well.

The second is that 14500 3.6V rechargeable battery provides the power the UltraFire CREE Q5 MINI LED flashlight demands for operation. This battery is environment friendly, having no memory effect. With the assistance of the battery, the flashlight can function well for illumination. I can use it to light up my way through dark, and find the right direction on my road.

The third is that the flashlight has an excellent charger, which is a smart charger, capable of charging for two 14500 Li-ion batteries at a time. This smart charger has LED indicator for power on, charging and full charging. The charger is also an international charger, able to be used worldwide with EU plug adapter. The AC adapter can be easily folded to charge and pack away.

Those three indispensable elements of the UltraFire CREE Q5 MINI LED flashlight are really amazing and appealing. I am attracted by them, so that I get it for myself. After put into use, the flashlight perform and function well for me. I suggest you to get it for yourself as the flashlight is really practical and useful.


  1. Craig


    This set of flashlight is really good. It saves me a lot of trouble. Nice product!

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