The Advantages of LED Strobe Inspection Lights

Strobe lights are quite simple but very effective when it comes to inspection and quality control. If you are to time a moving object, the rapid flash of the strobe will freeze the image as part of the line seen by our eyes when the light flashes.

LED strobe inspection lights

All over the years, the strobe has been used to stop the blur, thereby allowing its operators to troubleshoot a moving system or confirm the quality of a product. The lights have a flash tube that contains energy gotten from the capacitor. When the capacitor is charged, there is a small amount of power that is diverted to the trigger transformer, thereby ionizing the gas inside the flash tube that is later discharged from the arc in the tube as a flash.


  • It is energy efficient as it only consumes 25% to 35% of the power.
  • Less maintenance – LED light strobes lasts longer than other Xenon bulbs and doesn’t need much maintenance
  • More defined inspection area as it is designed for pairing with lenses that reduce light spillage to the outside areas of the target and concentrate the light output.
  • It eliminates the downtime – as it has several diodes, the strobes contains sufficient light to carry out inspection even when one or two diodes get burnt, which enables it to avoid the downtime that could otherwise undermine its efficiency.
  • Increased safety – LEDs don’t pose any threat to the environment the way other Xenon light does. Its more defined inspection enables it to eliminate any spillover that could affect the vision of anyone near the strobes.
  • Consistency – LED light strobes is extremely stable as it doesn’t have any flash to flash variation of arc wanders found in other Xenon lights.
  • Crisp, sharp detail – the strobes are able to run at much higher flash rates when compared to other lights, without losing intensity.
  • Eliminates material glare – produces a much softer light that is able to work well with highly reflective materials such as foils, steel, and metallic substrates.

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