Klarus CH1

Compact Klarus CH1 Smart Charger For Various Rechargeable Batteries

The topic today is about Klarus CH1, which is compact and lightweight smart charger, perfect for various rechargeable batteries. It has charging indication and battery protection, making it extremely popular and famous. In the following, here is the detailed information about this smart charger. Compact and lightweight Compatible with multi-class rechargeable batteries   Battery charging

NITECORE Intellicharger I4 New Version Universal Smart Charger Review

NIRECORE has launched a new version of universal smart charger called NITECORE Intellicharger I4 charger. This charger is more useful and practical than the previous. Now, let’ s see what this new version charger is really like. According to statistics, it shows that this new version charger has assured quality, excellent performance and practical uses,