SKILHUNT DS-Series Flashlights, Best Choice for Daily Use

Are you looking for a compact flashlight for daily use? Well…You come to the right place. SKILHUNT DS-Series flashlights are designed for everyday use. Compact size, Durable aluminum vacuum plating reflector, efficiency reflection, perfect beamshot, excellent structure, four output levels and strobe and temperature resistance, these flashlights are suitable for different environment. The wide input range provides more choices of batteries. The SKILHUNT DS10 is CR123A 16340 battery compatible; SKILHUNT DS15 is 14500 / AA Ni-mh / Alkaline battery compatible; And the SKILHUNT DS is 18650 / 16340/ CR123A battery compatible. They all use the LED, CREE XM-L2 as the light source.


The packaging is the same for each model. Inside the standard display packaging is the flashlight, extra O-rings, replacement gasket for the removable tail cap magnet, reversible pocket clip, warranty card and manual. Note the manual is common for the whole series, and provides specs for each of the three models. The tail hand hole is design for lanyard use, to prevent accidental dropping.


The specifications of the SKILHUNT DS-Series flashlights are as follows.


Battery: 1×16340 or 1x CR123A

Rated Range: 2V ~ 4.2V

Output and Runtime: Turbo 300 lms / 1.5 hrs, Hi 180 lms / 2.5 hrs, Med 60 lms / 7 hrs, Lo 2 lms / 140 hrs

Max beam distance:9 8m

Max peak beam intensity: 2400cd

Dimension: 76mm (Length) x 24mm (Head Dia) x 22mm (Body Dia)

Weight: 47g (without battery)

Price on Banggood: $28.65



Battery: 1×14500 or 1x AA Ni-mh or Alkaline

Rated Range: 0.9V ~ 4.2V

Output and Runtime: Turbo 240 lms / 1hr 50min, Hi 140 lms / 2hr 50min, Med 50 lms / 7 hrs, Lo 2 lms / 120 hrs

Max beam distance: 85 m

Max peak beam intensity: 1800 cd

Dimension: 91mm (Length) x 24mm (Head Dia) x22mm (Body Dia)

Weight: 51g (without battery)

Price on Banggood: $29.99



Battery: 1×18650, 2x CR123A or 2x 16340

Rated Range: 3V ~ 9V

Output and Runtime: Turbo 480 lms / 2 hrs, Hi 290 lms / 3.5 hrs, Med 100 lms / 12 hrs, Lo 3 lms / 240 hrs

Max beam distance: 123 m

Max peak beam intensity: 3800 cd

Dimension: 110mm (Length) x 24mm (Head Dia) x 22mm (Body Dia)

Weight: 55 g (without battery)

Price on Banggood: $30.99


As you can see above, the DS-series flashlights are all quite compact and really suitable for daily use. They might be the best choice for you if you are looking for such a compact flashlight. And the best time to buy is now. Just move on and get them!


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