Simple Steps On How To Change The Mode Of Roche M170 Flashlight

Roche M170 is a type of multifunctional flashlight. It has four kinds of modes to provide better services for people to meet their different requirements,



that is three normal mode, stepless adjusted mode, flash mode and SOS mode. In order to make full use of the flashlight, the following will talk about the the methods of changing the mode step by step.

If you want to use the three normal mode including high, mid and low mode, it is easy for you by just pressing one second to turn on the Roche M170 flashlight and clicking the button, and you can change the mode easily.

If you are going to apply the stepless adjusted mode, you need to long press the switch at once after turning on the flashlight torch to enter the stepless adjusted mode. When you finish the first time click and long press of the switch, it will reduce luminance gradually, and you can release button any moment. Then it will keep on the current brightness. When there is a flash, it means it is the lowest bright mode. If you release the switch at the moment and do the second time click and long press, the brightness will gradually improve. When you release button any moment, it will keep on the current brightness.When there is a flash, it means it is the highest bright mode. As the stepless adjusted mode is the most difficult operation, you need to practice again and again.

As for flash mode, it is not difficult for you to change as you can turn on the flashlight, triple-click the switch and turn to the flash mode. Then you can click again to change police flash, strobe, beacon, slow flash mode. Long press can allow you to exit the flash mode and return to the high light mode. In terms of SOS mode, it can be easily changed by turning on the flashlight and clicking four time to change the SOS mode.

The above has stated the detailed information about changing the mode of Roche M170 flashlight. You can take advantages of the flashlight to the large extent based on the above information. It is hoped that these information can be helpful and useful for you.


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