Roche M170 LED Flashlight Review

Here is a strong, powerful and practical LED flashlight for you, called Roche M170 LED flashlight. This flashlight has been highly thought of by many customers, gained great reputation on the competitive market.

This flashlight obtains outstanding features, easy and convenient operations and strong power supplies, all of which impress me deeply.

Outstanding features
Roche M170 Roche M170
This flashlight is made of T6061 aluminum, metal plating orange peel for smooth surface, obtaining phosphor copter spring, and this flashlight is sturdy and durable enough

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for long time daily using. It is waterproof. You do not need to worry that it does not work when it is rainy or snowy. You can use it no matter how bad the weather is. The flashlight adopts the integrated lamp holder which better heat dissipation, ensuring that the flashlight can function well. It also has three stages constant current circuit, ensuring constant brightness.
Roche M170 Roche M170
This flashlight has a handle bar for easy and convenient use. After the handle bar is installed through simple steps, you are allowed to carry it easily for practical use.
Roche M170
The lamp base of the Roche M170 LED flashlight is CREE XML2, high power LED, which has a long lifespan for long time use. If you have owned this flashlight, there is no need for you to consider replacing the cap for the whole life, quite durable for long time use, which can save a lot of troubles for you.

Easy and convenient operations
Roche M170
This flashlight has side button switch control for convenient operation. You can control and operate the flashlight easily and simply through this all in one key. This flashlight has four kinds of modes, that is three normal mode, flash mode, SOS mode and stepless adjusted mode. It is not difficult and complex to change the various modes of the flashlight.
If you want to use the three normal mode including high, mid and low mode, you can press one second of the button to turn on this flashlight, and by clicking the button, you can change the mode easily. As for flash mode, you can turn on the flashlight, triple-click the switch and turn to the flash mode. Then you can click again to change police flash, strobe, beacon, slow flash mode. Long pressing of the button can allow you to exit the flash mode and return to the high light mode. In terms of SOS mode, it can be easily changed by turning on the flashlight and clicking four time to change the SOS mode.
As for the stepless adjusted mode, you need to long press the switch at once after turning on the flashlight torch to enter the stepless adjusted mode. When you finish the first time click and long press of the switch, it will reduce luminance gradually, and you can release button any moment. Then it will keep on the current brightness. When there is a flash, it means it is the lowest bright mode. If you release the switch at the moment and do the second time click and long press, the brightness will gradually improve. When you release button any moment, it will keep on the current brightness.When there is a flash, it means it is the highest bright mode.
Through one button, you can take full control of this flashlight based on the above instruction. It is not difficult and complex for you to understand.
Strong power supplies
Roche M170
4 18650 batteries provide the power this flashlight needs for operation, ensuring that this flashlight can work and perform well for you. In order to making sure the longer life expectancy, the use of the battery should be paid close attention to. The battery should never be over-charged or over-discharged. The flashlight has low voltage alarm, and when the battery is low in power, it will alert you to replace battery or charge battery timely.

Thanks to its outstanding features, easy and convenient operations and strong power supplies, I am deeply impressed by this Roche M170 LED flashlight. After knowing about it, I am completely addicted to it. So, I share its detailed information with you.


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