Roche M170 Flashlight Is Functional

Have you heard of Roche M170 flashlight? Do you know what it is really like and what it is capable of? It is said that the flashlight is one of the most functional flashlight on the market for people, widely used for outdoor recreation. The following will tell you the basic information about this functional flashlight.

Roche M170

Roche M170

The flashlight provides super bright lights in the dark to make people have a clear picture of the surroundings. It has three stages constant current circuit, ensuring constant brightness. When it is late at night, people can go home with the help of it if there is no light in your way home. It is made of high quality aluminum alloy, and this flashlight is sturdy and durable enough for long time daily using. It is beneficial and practical for people to have it.

The lamp base of the Roche M170 flashlight is CREE, high power LED, which has a long lifespan for long time use. There is no need to consider replacing the cap for the whole life. It is waterproof. You do not need to worry that it does not work when it is rainy or snowy. You can use it at the bad weather. The flashlight adopts the integrated lamp holder which better heat dissipation, ensuring that the flashlight can function well. It also has side button switch control for convenient operation. You can control and operate the flashlight easily and simply.

In order to making sure the longer life expectancy, the use of the battery should be paid attention to. The battery should never be over-charged or over-discharged. The flashlight has low voltage alarm, and when the battery is low in power, it will alert you to replace battery or charge battery timely.

In a word, Roche M170 flashlight is really functional, capable of being used for outdoor recreation. This functional flashlight is definitely a beneficial and worthwhile item for people to have.


  1. Mona


    The Roche M170 sounds like very powerful. It is suitable for me for the camping next week. Can I get the flashlight next weekend if I order it right now?

  2. Vera


    The flashlight works well for me. It is quite helpful and useful. I am going to get another one for my friends.

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