Roche F6 EDC Tactical LED Flashlight Review

Roche F6 EDC tactical LED flashlight is an excellent lighting tool, made of aircraft aluminum and stainless steel bezel which can make it durable and functional. This flashlight is able to be applied for illumination both indoors and outdoors, widely accepted and welcomed by the public.

roche f6 review
High power LED, multifunctional charger and useful attack head of this flashlight make it extremely famous and popular.

High power LED

roche f6 high power ledroche f6 head light

The lamp base of this flashlight is CREE, high power LED. With a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours or more, there is no need for you to worry about replacing the cap for the whole life. The long life span lamp base enable it to be used for a long time. It is practical and beneficial to have it.

Multifunctional charger

roche f6 multifunctional chargerroche f6 charge for cellphone

Roche F6 EDC tactical LED flashlight has a special design of charger head, obtaining USB and micro USB. As it has a USB charger head, you can use it to charge the flashlight with mobile phone or other electronics. It is pretty functional and useful, bringing a lot of convenience to you.

Useful attack head
roche f6 useful attack headroche f6 attack head

This flashlight has an attack head design. When you are in an emergency situation, you can apply it to protect yourself. If you meet wild animals or bad persons, you can do some actions with the assistance of the flashlight to protect yourself, and you can also send signal for help as it has SOS mode.

What’ s more, the illumination function of this flashlight to some extent shows the protection function of the flashlight, enabling you to see clearly at dark situation and avoid the falling and collision, protecting your safety. Besides, the flashlight has blind effect, and you can make full use of the flashlight for your safety.

In short, this Roche F6 tactical LED flashlight is a useful and practical lighting tool for you. When there is no electricity at home, it is used to light up homes and houses for daily life. If you are going to have outdoor recreation, such as camping, cycling, climbing, hunting, the flashlight can play its role of illuminating well. Especially when you are outside without good light condition, the flashlight can do its work responsibly and help you to find the right way. With the assistance of the flashlight, there is a few chance for you to get lost on your way home. It is absolutely a useful and helpful lighting tool for you to have.


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