Redmi Router AX5 Review: The cheapest Wi-Fi 6 Router in the market

The Redmi  officially released this first Wi-Fi6 router that supports the Wi-Fi capability standard. It is equipped with Qualcomm 5 core, 256mp large Qorvo independent signal amplifier, mesh networking capability. The Redmi router AX5 with a price of 229yuan. It is regarded as the cheapest Wi-Fi.

Redmi Router AX5

Router AX5 Review: Support Wi-Fi 6

This network supports the Wi-Fi 6 network. The WiFi6 at this generation has improvement in signal coverage, transmission rate, and data delay compared with the previous WI-Fi 5. Especially in situations like multiple devices are connected at Wi-Fi 6 router, it can reduce stutter and reduce data. The Wi-Fi 6 router can be used with mobile terminals that support WiFi6 such as Redmi router K30 pro, iPhone 11, and so on. Differentiating the current household mainstream Wi-Fi5 AC1200 router the wireless Redmi router Ax5 can be used up to 52%.

Redmi Router AX5 Review: Qualcomm Chip Equipped

The Redmi router AX5 is equipped with a computing power of up 11o4oDMIPS, with 4-core 64 bit A53 1.2GHz CPU + single-core 1.5 GHz NPU. The new model converges more surging performance at a smaller rate hence reducing power consumption.  Due to the independent network acceleration engine of the Redmi router AX5, it is designed to handle network traffic data.  Therefore the CPU footprint will be reduced up to 95%, throughput is increased by 21% which will reduce delay waiting and improves date forwarding efficiency. To ensure a more stable and wider signal coverage, the Redmi router uses four Qorvo high independent amplifiers that will be increased by 4dB, and the theoretical coverage increased by 50%.

The Redmi router supports; MU-MIMO, OFDMA, and other technology and multiple mesh networking. The MU-MIMO can make multiple of people use the internet smoothly; networking with multiple but farewell can be bid to the confusion of a single router with dead corners, and seamlessly cover the signals of the whole house, and handle various complex household.

Redmi Router AX5 Review: Device Access

Reviewing the Redmi Router AX5, it has a large memory of 256MB which can manage 128 devices at the same time.  When the Xiaomi device is first introduced to the network, it is set up with Mi App, so there will be no need to enter the password manually.



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