Professional Tips Of Maintaining 18650 Ultrafire Li-ion Rechargeable Battery

18650 Ultrafire Li-ion rechargeable battery is a important part of LED flashlight, playing an important role in making the flashlight perform well for illumination. In order to make the most of battery, there are some professional tips of maintaining the battery for you.

18650 Ultrafire Li-ion Rechargeable BatteryWhen charging this rechargeable battery, it is not allowed to over-charge or over-discharge it, which means when the brightness of the flashlight is going down clearly but not totally dark, it is the time to charge it, or the battery will be over-discharged and it will be broken or short circuit when you charge it next time. This tip is important for fulfilling the excellent performance of the battery and flashlight, which must be kept in mind firmly.

When using the 18650 Ultrafire Li-ion rechargeable battery, you should not mix fresh battery with used battery when put into use as it can have a bad influence on the efficiency of the battery. You also need to install the battery with right direction, or the battery will not work for the flashlight. If you do not use the flashlight, you should take out the battery, which is good for both the battery and the flashlight.

To keep the battery well, you must keep the battery in a dry condition, away from wet or moist places. You are also not allowed to dispose it in fire or heat which will cause damage to the battery, and you are forbidden to puncture and disassemble the battery. Otherwise, the battery would be greatly damaged and not able to perform well for the flashlight.

Those above professional tips of maintaining 18650 Ultrafire Li-ion rechargeable battery matter a lot on the process of utilizing the LED flashlight to the largest extent. To enjoy the excellent lighting effect of the flashlight, you should keep these tips in mind. After following those tips, you can be surely ale to make the most of the flashlight.


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