Portable Mobile USB Charger For Phone Flashlight

Recently, portable mobile USB charger for phone flashlight becomes one of the best seller on the fiercely competitive market, and many customers get it for phone and flashlight charging. The topic today is about this popular charger, and the discussion will focus on its designs and features. And now, let’ s talk about it together in the following in details.USB Charger For Phone Flashlight

This charger is 100mm in length and 25mm in diameter. Its cable length is 32cm. This charger has several colors available, such as yellow, blue, gray, black, green, red. You can choose the one you prefer while purchasing.USB Charger For Phone Flashlight-2

This USB charger for phone flashlight is elegant in texture, compact and fashionable in a business style. Adopting imported PP plastic and smooth material, this charger is durable and lasting.USB Charger For Phone Flashlight-3

This charger features intelligent control over charge, over discharge, and a short circuit protection. It can be automatically dormancy in non working situation, which will prevent loss of power. This charger has standard USB interface output, and mobile phone data line can also charge itself. It is compatible with smart phone and other USB-chargeable devices.USB Charger For Phone Flashlight-4

This USB charger is easy to use, just plug and play. It uses USB port for power supply output and data line to realize charging at any time. This charger supports replacement of 18650 Li-battery. It can also be used as battery charger for 18650 battery.

All in all, this portable mobile USB charger for phone flashlight is an extremely useful, practical and functional equipment in daily life. No matter it is for phone or flashlight, this charger is worth possessing.

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