Performance And Maintenance Of High-qualified Olight R40 Rechargeable Battery

Among the fiercely competitive market, there is a special high-qualified battery called Olight R40 rechargeable battery, which has been accepted and welcomed by the public. This article aims to introduce you the performance and maintenance of this high quality battery.

This battery has a high capacity, up to 4000mAh. It can meet the requirement of the high-performance flashlight, enabling the flashlight to produce super bright light for good illumination. This 4000mAh ultra large capacity battery has more than 500 charge and discharge times, extremely economical and eco-friendly.

Olight R40 4000mAh 26650 Battery 1 Olight R40 4000mAh 26650 Battery 1

This Olight R40 rechargeable battery has innovative structure design, ensuring it impact-resistance to effectively protect the battery. This design is really practical and functional. Good resistance can make sure that the battery can perform and function well. Except that, this battery has triple over-heated protections, making it quite safe and reliable for use. This battery has built-in over charge and over discharge protection circuit, ensuring superior battery life. Those protections can guarantee the battery to be used for a long time effectively and efficiently.

As for the maintenance of the battery, you should take out the battery when you do not use the flashlight, which is good for both the battery and the flashlight. If you forget this note, your battery and flashlight may be greatly damages. Thirdly, you should not dispose it in fire or heat which will cause damage to the battery. What’ s more, you are forbidden to puncture and disassemble the battery. Fresh and used battery should not be mixed when put into use as it can have a bad influence on the efficiency of the battery. Besides, battery should be kept in a dry condition, away from wet or moist places.

From the above, it is clear that this Olight R40 rechargeable battery is really excellent and functional for practical use, and the maintenance of this battery is not difficult and complex. This high-qualified battery is definitely worth possessing.


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