Outdoor Solar Wall Lights That Providing Magical Power


For over 20 years now solar lights have continually developed and improved to the point that local authorities and utilities companies now fit solar to back-up the electrical supply. High-quality solar panels coupled with vastly improved cell technology has resulted in viable solar lighting that would be unheard of a few years ago.

Outdoor Solar Wall Lights

work for any weather

Whistle long sunny days are best for charging cells, today’s solar panels can still charge even on cloudy days and put some reserve power into the cells. For the gardener that wants the latest technology to light or highlight the outdoor space, these Outdoor Solar Wall Lights are ideal. There is little installation, very pet and child safe, cost nothing to run and best of all create zero carbon footprint. Modern cells now last well over 2,000 charges before changing, they are highly dependable and cheap to replace when needed. The solar panels will last over 20 years.



These Outdoor Solar Wall Lights use LED which are much more energy efficient than normal bulbs. Life expectancy for LED is 10 to 15 years, much longer than normal bulbs too. The best way to layout solar lights is to make a map of the area marking in the shady spots and direction of sunlight. Pick the best sites for catching the most daylight and angle any ground lights towards the sun. Although cloudy days will still charge the cells avoid total shade if possible. In full sun light, the cells will quickly recharge and give over 8 hours running at night. Solar wall lights save the time, trouble and expense of running electric cables inside the brickwork.


fascinating and useful

Solar wall lights have the ability to transform the look of the garden or front yard into something absolutely captivating. These types of solar lights have the ability to provide illumination to any outdoor space in an entrancing sort of way. In fact, not only will this particular wall light provide a magical illumination, it will also help in securing the area by bathing it in a bright light.

 Outdoor Solar Wall Lights


These side panel lighting implements come in a wide variety of sizes and styles. There are those that have simple square shapes and are slightly angled in a manner that the light will be spread out at an approximately sixty-degree incline. The solar panels of this particular model are usually found at the flat and slightly wide surface at its top. This position allows the panel to be able to capture a great deal of sunlight, convert it into raw energy and store this energy into its heavy duty rechargeable batteries.


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