Olight SR95 Intimidator Rechargeable LED Flashlight Review

The flashlight we are going to talk about is Olight SR95 intimidator rechargeable LED flashlight, which is a typical and famous flashlight of Olight, carrying on the tradition of Olight’ s brilliant Intimidator series of search lights.

The discussion will focus on its useful designing, excellent lighting, practical function and strong power supplying, to enable you to have a clear mind of what this flashlight is really like and what it is capable of.

Useful designing

Olight SR95 designing
This flashlight is made of aluminum body with anti-scratching type III hard anodizing, tough ultra-clear tempering glass with anti-reflective coating and smooth reflector. The body tube with large square surface texture design improves the friction between palm and body tube for better handheld stability. Advanced hollow out structure design is adopted in the head, combined with reflector, enhancing the heat dissipation effectively.

Excellent lighting

Olight SR95 intimidator rechargeable LED flashlight lighting
Utilizing LUMINUS SST-90 LED, this flashlight can produce 2000 lumens brightness output with 720 meters throw. This flashlight has four brightness levels, that is 2000 lumens, 600 lumens, 120 lumens, and strove, permitting you to choose the one you need to meet various lighting requirements.

Olight SR95 lighting
This flashlight is the newest generation of flashlight in the high-output intimidator series, with max output reaching up to 2000 lumens. Higher output brightness and longer throw make it more suitable for searching and rescuing. It is no doubt that this Olight SR95 intimidator rechargeable LED flashlight has excellent lighting effects.

Practical function

Olight SR95 waterproof
This flashlight obtains practical function. It is impact resistant and waterproof. Its waterproof function is quite practical, in accordance with IPX-6 standard. When you go outside for outdoor recreation, no matter it is rainy or not, this flashlight can still function well in lighting for you.

Strong power supplying

Olight SR95 power supplying
With a large capacity of 7800mAh 7.4V, this rechargeable lithium battery pack guarantees long runtime of the flashlight and can be also used with Olight SR90, 91, 92 LED flashlight. The power supply of this flashlight is really strong and powerful.

After the discussion, you can see clearly what this Olight SR95 intimidator rechargeable LED flashlight is really like and what it is capable of. It is easy to conclude that this flashlight is a useful and excellent lighting tool, worth possessing.


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    i need the assembly drawing for the SR90 intimidator to put the head back together

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