Olight Remote Control Pressure Switch For Olight Flashlight Lighting Control

Do you want to remotely control your Olight LED flashlight? If yes, here is a useful and helpful equipment for you, called Olight remote control pressure switch. This switch permits you to take full control of the lighting of the flashlight easily and conveniently. If you are curious about this flashlight, you can continue reading, and the following will introduce it to you clearly.
Olight remote control pressure switch
This switch can allow you to fully control your SHARP EAGLE ZQ-YI flashlight with no clicky sound, while maintaining your preferred grip on the firearm. You can replace the flashlight’ s tail cap, run the cable to your desired location, and secure the pressure switch. It will momentarily activate the light, turn it on and off, and remember the last brightness setting used. You can also access strobe.
Olight remote control pressure switch
Three keys, obtaining up and down keys to increase and decrease brightness
Pressure switch available in short (7.9 in / 20cm) and long (23.6 in / 60cm) cord lengths
3 key switch coiled cable stretchable from 9.8 in / 25cm to 25.6 in / 65cm
Compatible with multiple lights in the Olight family, such as Olight M20SX-L2 Warrior, M20S Warrior, M20SX Warrior, M30, T20, T25, M10 Maverick, M18 Maverick, M20 Warrior, M21 Warrior, M3X Triton, M3X XM-L2 Triton, M20SX-L2, M21X-L2 Warrior, M22 Warrior, M20S Warrior, M30 Triton

In short, this Olight remote control pressure switch is a purposely designed item for Olgiht flashlight remote control. If you are searching for remote contoller for your Olight flashlight, this one is undoubtedly what you need indeed.

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