Nitecore MT21A LED High Performance Flashlight Review

Nitecore, the most famous and popular brand of LED flashlight, has launched an advanced and practical product called Nitecore MT21A LED flashlight. This flashlight is well designed and well equipped, adopting many high advanced technologies to ensure its excellent performance.

This flashlight has advanced designs, easy operations, practical function and wide uses, attracting many people’ s attention.

Advanced designs

Nitecore MT21A fit you hand

Nitecore MT21A Advanced designs

Nitecore MT21A is designed to be 68g, extremely lightweight. It is also diminutive and finely crafted, fitting in the palm of your hand. Consisting of aero grade aluminum alloy and HAIII military grade hard-anodized, the flashlight is quite durable and strong for long time use.

Nitecore MT21A Cree XP-E2 R2 LED

Nitecore MT21A up to 260 lumens


The flashlight is made of CREE XP-E2 R2 LED, having high energy efficiency and long life span. Integrated precision digital optics technology, this flashlight can provide exceptional throw capability in its class. The flashlight boasts a peak beam intensity of 10,000cd and a throw distance of up to 200 meters. The maximum output of the flashlight is up to 260 lumens. The maximum runtime of the flashlight is up to 55 hours. It is obvious that this flashlight is quite practical and useful.

Nitecore MT21A HeadNitecore MT21A highest option efficeency


Nitecore MT21A has one inch reflector with integrated precision digital optics technology to provide excellent throw capability and a uniform full coverage beam. It also has toughened ultra-clear mineral glass with anti-reflective coating to ensure the highest optical efficiency and light transmittance.

Nitecore MT21A prevent damageNitecore MT21A friendly batteries

Nitecore MT21A has patented reverse polarity protection to prevent damage from incorrectly inserting battery. It has applied two easily sourced, affordable and environment friendly AA batteries which are designed as a multipurpose, high performance every-day-carry flashlight.

Easy operations

Nitecore MT21A two rapid switching modesNitecore MT21A switch

Nitecore MT21A LED flashlight has two rapid switching modes to suit for various requirements of users. User-defined mode allows for customized brightness levels and a multitude of function. Except that, the switch type of this flashlight is tail cap clicky switch, making it easy and convenient for operation. By pressing this switch, you can take full control of this flashlight for practical uses.

Practical function

waterproof Nitecore MT21ANitecore MT21A Practical function

Nitecore MT21A is waterproof in accordance with IPX-8 standard. It can still do its job underwater no more than two meters. Nitecore is a member of PLATO, participating in and helping to develop the ANSI FL1 standard of measurement. All Nitecore performance measurements are in accordance with these internationally recognized scientific standards, and there is no exception of this Nitecore MT21A.

Wide uses

Nitecore MT21A integrated memory function

Nitecore MT21A has integrated memory function to meets the various requirements of users. The turbo and strobe mode are useful for law enforcement. The turbo and low mode are helpful around the home. As for the turbo and mid mode, they are practical for outdoor hiking. This flashlight is really functional and practical for use, capable of being used widely and broadly.

Thanks to its advanced designs, easy operations, practical function and wide uses, this Nitecore MT21A LED flashlight becomes extremely famous and popular on the competitive market, gained great reputation.


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