Multifunctional Fenix TK76 LED Flashlight

Fenix TK76 is a famous type of LED flashlight which is practical and multifunctional. Thanks to its multiple function, the flashlight has been widely accepted and used. The following will talk bout its multiple function in details.

fenix tk76

fenix tk76

The LED flashlight utilizes three separate LEDs to offer a broad range of illumination options and power display function. The flashlight has one spot light and two flood lights. The spot light with max 450m throw can be used for long-distance lighting and searching. As for the two flood lights which is neutral white, it has better color rendition while on the move with the special-designed 60 degree gradient flood beam, providing you a panoramic view of the surroundings when hiking at night. These three lights are all made of CREE LED with a life span of 50,000 hours. It is durable and functional, able to be used for a long time, saving people the trouble of changing light.

On the other hand, the Fenix TK76 flashlight has digitally regulated output to maintain constant brightness. Output up to 2800 lumens creates intense area lighting combined with long reach. The flashlight is ideal for group leaders satisfying the needs high output and multiple beam, and it is also a powerful tools with instant turbo, strobe and SOS in addition to a team’s onsite lighting. Instant Turbo activation can be adopted for immediate illumination. Reverse polarity protection guards against improper battery installation. Intelligent thermal control is applied to protect the flashlight against over-heat.

Besides, tri-color displays indicate the running level and the remaining power with low-power warning. You can double press the middle mode switch button for the spot light head and indicator lights will turn purple to indicate the remaining power. If low voltage is detected, the indicator will turn red and blink to indicate that the flashlight would step down to the lower level. If low voltage is detected in the low brightness level, the indicators will turn solid red and then blink to remind you of battery replacement.

It is clearly to see that Fenix TK76 is a multifunctional flashlight, practical and useful for people to have. If you want to benefit from its function, you can choose it as your basic equipment.

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