Mini CREE Q5 500 Lumen LED Flashlight For Indoor And Outdoor Lighting

The high quality LED flashlight I am going to show you today is CREE Q5 500 lumen LED flashlight. This flashlight is a mini powerful lighting tool, great and perfect for both indoor and outdoor illumination, and it is popularly welcomed by many customers all over the world. To know more about this mini flashlight, you can read the following.
CREE Q5 500 lumen LED flashlight
Size: 10.5cm length x 2.7cm diameter
Lens: convex lens
Mode of LED: CREE Q5
Three modes: super bright, normal, blinking

CREE Q5 500 lumen LED flashlightSwitch: tail cap clicky
Strap: yes
AAA adapter: yes
Weight: 92g
Color: black


CREE Q5 500 lumen LED flashlightConvoy C8 integrated head LED flashlight, super bright with lighting distance up to 800 meters Design life of 100,000 hours or more before changing LED emitter
A multi-purpose must-to-have tool
Ideal for mountain climbing, biking, camping, hiking and other outdoor sports
Usually at home used for reading, repairing, responding power failures and so on

It is easy to see from the above that this mini CREE Q5 500 lumen LED flashlight is an excellent and great lighting tool, ideal and perfect for both indoor and outdoor lighting. If you get it for yourself, you will surely never feel regret.


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