How To Maintain Rechargeable Flashlight

Rechargeable flashlight is a functional and practical item in people’ s daily life. It is used not only in outdoor recreation, but also in indoor activity. In order to utilize the multifunctional flashlight, you should know how to maintain it for longer use. There are five notes available for you to keep the flashlight well.



Firstly, it should be stored in the state of loss of electricity which refers to the battery after use without charging in a timely manner. However, the longer the idle time, the more serious the battery damage is.

Secondly, it should have regular inspection. In the process of using, if the discharge time suddenly fell, it may be at least one piece of batteries in the battery pack breaking, plate softening, active substances of plate falling off and other short circuit phenomenon. At this kind of situation, it should be timely sent to the professional battery repair mechanism for inspection, repair, and distribution group.

Thirdly, you should pay attention to try to avoid instantaneous large current discharge of the rechargeable flashlight. Large current discharge can easily lead to produce lead sulfate crystallization, and the physical properties of the battery plate would be damaged.

Fourthly, you should grasp charging time. In using process, you should grasp the charging time according to actual condition. Generally battery is charged at night, and the average charging time is about 8 hours. If it is shallow discharge, the battery will be full charged soon, and continuing to charge will cause over charging, leading to cell water loss, fever and the decrease of battery life. So the discharge depth of the battery should be 60 percent to 70 percent to charge at their best.

Fifthly, you should prevent exposure. It is strictly prohibited in the sunlight. High temperature environment can make the battery internal pressure increase and make the battery pressure limiting valve forced to automatically open. The direct consequence is to increase the battery fluid loss, and excessive water loss will inevitably cause battery activity decline, acceleration of softening the plate, charging fever, drum, shell deformation and other fatal injuries.

The above five notes are useful and helpful guidances for you to maintain the rechargeable flashlight well and excellent. After knowing these notes, it is hoped that you can make full use of the flashlight for a long time as it is really functional and practical for people’ s life.


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