KLARUS MIX6 Ti CREE XP-G R5 MINI LED Flashlight Review

The flashlight we are going to talk about is the KLARUS MIX6 Ti CREE XP-G R5 MINI LED flashlight, which is small, cute and practical. I am fond of it at the first sight.

The discussion will focus on its specifications, features, easy operation and power supply, to enable you to have a general knowledge of this attractive and appealing flashlight.


KLARUS MIX6 Ti specifications
This flashlight consists of titanium body for corrosion resistance and a solid feel. It is 71.6mm in length, 12.7mm in head diameter and 11.6mm in body diameter, quite small in size, and it is also light in weight, only weighing 12g without battery. This small and lightweight flashlight is waterproof in accordance with IPX-8 standard, submersible 2 meters. The IPX-8 means the light can withstand constant immersion in water, quite practical and functional. When you are outside, no matter how bad the weather condition is, rainy or snowy, this flashlight can still work and function well in lighting. From the specifications of this flashlight, it is obvious that this flashlight is really cute and useful.


KLARUS MIX6 Ti features
As it is exquisite, lightweight and reliable, this KLARUS MIX6 Ti CREE XP-G R5 MINI LED flashlight is suitable for every-day-carrying. It is also stylish and powerful, with maximum 85 lumens brightness output and maximum 66 hours of runtime.

KLARUS MIX6 Ti digital regulated output
This flashlight also features digital regulated output with no PWM, high speed flicking that is present in most regulated lights. All those features of this flashlight are really impressive and practical, making it useful and helpful in lighting.

Easy operation

KLARUS MIX6 Ti easy operation
This flashlight obtains twisty switch, making it easy and convenient for one-hand operation. This flashlight has four modes, that is high, middle, low and strobe. By twisting the switch, you can change the mode of the flashlight to meet various lighting requirements.

Power supply

One AAA alkaline or Ni-MH battery can provide the power the flashlight needs for lighting. With enough power supply, this flashlight can light up your way through darkness. To utilize the flashlight for lighting to the largest extent, it is essential to keep this battery in good condition. This battery should never be put into fire, and it is should avoid improper connection, over-charing and over-discharging. Otherwise, the battery can be badly damaged, resulting in bad influence on lighting performance.

After the discussion, it is easy to see that this KLARUS MIX6 Ti CREE XP-G R5 MINI LED flashlight is really appealing and attractive. This small and cute flashlight is really useful and practical. No matter you are going to find a flashlight for yourself or

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your friends and relatives, this flashlight is a good choice for you to have.


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