Function And Maintenance Of UItraFire 18650 Rechargeable Battery

UltraFire 18650 rechargeable battery is the most commonly used battery, which plays a vital and important role in people’ s daily life. Now, let’ s talk about the function of the battery and the maintenance of the battery in details.
UItraFire 18650 Rechargeable BatteryThis battery is functional and practical. The voltage of the battery is 3.7V, and the capacity is 4000mAh. The battery is suitable for laser pointer, flashlight torch and other electronics products. The rechargeable times of the battery can reach up to 500 times, quite durable for long time use. It can be used widely and broadly, function well in many fields. What’ s more, this functional and practical battery is safe and environment friendly. It has over charge and discharge protection circuit, ensuring the battery work effectively and efficiently.
As for the maintenance of the UltraFire 18650 rechargeable battery, there are some notes you should pay attention to. It is not allowed to mix use fresh and used battery when put into use as it can have a bad influence on the efficiency of the battery. After using the battery, you should take out the battery when you do not use the flashlight, which is good for both the battery and the flashlight. It is needed to keep the battery in a dry condition, away from wet or moist places. Otherwise, the battery will not function well next time it used. Except that, you should not dispose it in fire or heat which will cause damage to the battery. What’ s more, you are forbidden to puncture and disassemble the battery.
This UltraFire 18650 rechargeable battery is really functional and practical for use, capable of doing great help in daily life, and the maintenance of the battery is not complex and difficult, which can be observed from the above clearly. This performance of the battery is really excellent and appealing. It is no wonder that so many people use this battery.

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