Fire-Foxes FF4 6000LM Xenon HID Flashlight Review

Are you looking for super high brightness flashlight? If yes, here is a suggestion for you, that is Fire-Foxes FF4 6000LM Xenon HID flashlight which can produce ultra bright light.

This strong and powerful flashlight has amazing designs, excellent light effects and practical charging. All those aspects prove that this flashlight is the best choice for you if you want to have a super bright LED flashlight.

Amazing designs

FF4 led flashlight

This flashlight has amazing designs, super strong and powerful. It is made of 6061 aerospace-grade aluminum alloy. It has applied the surface coating to improve the brightness. This flashlight has adopted more higher heat dissipation fins. When highlighting file 40w at room temperature, it can maintain close to 20 minutes, and then turn to low light. The flashlight really has excellent workmanship and quality, obtaining perfect after-sales service and technical support. The designs of the flashlight are really amazing and appealing.

Excellent light effects

Fire-Foxes FF4 6000LM light source

This Fire-Foxes FF4 6000LM Xenon HID flashlight can produce super high brightness light, up to 4,000lm. The color temperatures of this flashlight is 4300K. This flashlight can be used for large area search in the middle distance due to the super light it can produce. The flashlight is a good illumination equipment.

Fire-Foxes FF4 lighting

When you go outside, this flashlight can do you great favor in illuminating and keeping safe. With the assistance of this flashlight, you can have a clear picture of the road condition, to some extent keeping you safe and avoiding collision. Except that, this flashlight has blind effect to protect you from the hurt of wide animals and bad guys. It is quite clear that this flashlight is really an excellent equipment for outdoor illumination.

Practical charging

Fire-Foxes FF4 6000LM Xenon HID Flashlight

Four 18650 batteries provide the power this flashlight needs for operation, and users can change the battery. The flashlight has thermal protection, 24W when thermal protection kicks in. The flashlight also has short-circuit, reverse polarity, over discharging protection, ensuring that the flashlight can be used safely and securely, and guaranteeing that the flashlight can work and function well.

After knowing the above information about its amazing designs, excellent light effects and practical charging, you can understand why this Fire Foxes FF4 6000LM Xenon HID flashlight is highly recommended to you. It is obvious that this flashlight is functional and practical for use, and it is definitely the best choice for you to have of you need high brightness flashlight.


  1. Ann


    This flashlight looks very great. It brightness output is really amazing. I like high brightness flashlight, and this flashlight can meet my requirements. Thanks for your information.

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