Fenix TK12 Is A Famous Type Of Flashlight

Fenix TK12 is a member of Fenix TK series flashlights which can provide a bright, focused beam with a wide and long lighting range. The flashlight is widely accepted and welcomed due to its outstanding features.

Fenix TK12

Fenix TK12

The flashlight consists of Cree XP-G2 LED which is energy-saving and environment protecting, obtaining a long life span up to 50,000 hours. This feature shows that the flashlight has high energy-efficiency, causing no harm to the health of people and the protection of environment. As it has long life span, it is extremely durable for long time use.

Fenix TK12 has tactical tail switch with momentary-on function. You can turn on the light by pressing the switch. It is quite simple and easy to control and use the flashlight. There is also slightly recessed switch to prevent accidental activation, and it can also stand on tail. This means you do not have to worry about the accidental activation of the flashlight and the waster of the power. The flashlight also has reverse polarity protection to guard against improper battery installation, which is helpful and useful in making full use of the flashlight.

Thanks to its outstanding features, the flashlight has been used in many fields. As the flashlight can produce bright light with long range, it becomes the choice for outdoor rescue and exploration to meet the lighting demands in any harsh condition. Because of the high efficiency and long life span of the flashlight, it is widely adopted by many people who are going to have outdoor activities, such as hiking, camping, hunting, cycling and so on.

It is no wonder that Fenix TK12 is the famous type of flashlight on the market. This flashlight can bring many benefits to you, and you can enjoy the excellent services if you have owned it.

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