Fenix AER-03 Tactical Remote Pressure Switch For Flashlight Remote Controlling

To realize flashlight remote controlling, Fenix AER-03 tactical remote pressure switch is designed. And recently, this switch is released on the market. With this switch, the lighting of the flashlight is more convenient to control. Through this switch, you can turn on and turn off this flashlight, as well as adjust its brightness output to meet different demands in different occasions.Fenix AER-03 Tactical Remote Pressure Switch To know what this useful switch is really like clearly, you can read the following.Fenix AER-03 Tactical Remote Pressure Switch-1Tail adapter is made from T6-grade aluminum, type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish, quite durable and practical for use. The tail adapter is 26.5mm in diameter and 32mm in height, fit for Fenix TK16, TK32(2015), and so on.Fenix AER-03 Tactical Remote Pressure Switch-2This Fenix AER-03 tactical remote pressure switch has velcro cushion for quick attaching.Fenix AER-03 Tactical Remote Pressure Switch-3It also has high resilience cable. Cable made from resilient PU material, and it can be extended from 24cm to 80cm.Fenix AER-03 Tactical Remote Pressure Switch-4Moreover, this switch features momentary-on, constant-on and output selection, making it extremely useful, practical and functional for use.

By now, you can easily see what this Fenix AER-03 tactical remote pressure switch is really like clearly from the above. It is obvious that this switch is really ideal and perfect for flashlight remote controlling. Getting it for yourself, you can surely be able to enjoy the great convenience this switch can bring to you.

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