Excellent Performance Of Convoy S2 LED Flashlight

I am fond of collecting flashlight, old and new, traditional and fashionable, and among all my collections, Convoy S2 LED flashlight is one of my most favorite. This flashlight has excellent performance which will be illustrated in the following.

Convoy S2The flashlight has two kinds of modes. The first kind of the mode is the three modes, low, mid and high. The second kind of mode is the five mode, low, mid, high, strobe and SOS. When it is low mode at any group, you can turn it on for about 5 seconds. After flashlight flashing automatically, you can half press the switch to change different group immediately. As it has SOS mode, when it is emergency, it can be used to seek for help, to the large

extent ensuring your safety. It also plays an important role in helping you to find the right road, especially the way home.

Convoy S2 LED flashlight has four kinds of LED wick, and different LED wick has different color temperature. The first is the XML U2-1B with 6500 to 7000k color temperature, producing white light. The second is the XML T6-4C, having 4300 to 4500k color temperature, which is white light, but amber shift. The third is the XML2 U2-1A, obtaining the same cool color temperature with XML

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U2-1B, but lighter than it. The fourth is the XML2 T6-4C, possessing the same color temperature with XML T6-4C, but lighter than it. XML2 is about 20 percent brighter than XML. Since there so many choice available for you, you can choose the most suitable one based on your needs and preference, enabling the flashlight work more efficient and effective.

In a word, the Convoy S2 LED flashlight is really excellent. Thanks to the excellent performance of the flashlight, I rank it in the list of my favorite. I am attracted by its excellent performance. What about you?


  1. chasel


    I believe in the quality of Convoy after using Convoy flashlight. This S2 is definitely good for use too. Thanks for your recommendation.

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