DQG CREE XP-G2 LED Flashlight Is The Tiniest Flashlight I Have Ever Seen

DQG CREE XP-G2 LED flashlight is the tiniest flashlight I have seen. The flashlight is super small and light, nearly a thumb size and only weighing 9g. This tiny flashlight is extremely cute. However, you should not look down upon it because it is small and light. This tiny flashlight has special designs, having a strong capabilities.

DQG CREE XP-G2The flashlight is made of titanium alloy and PMMA diffuse lens. The materials the flashlight made of ensure that the flashlight can perform and function well. The flashlight is ash-proof and waterproof, which means that the flashlight is easy to maintain, and it can be used when it is rainy or snowy. The flashlight has magnet or glow dot tail, and stronger sling, making it easy and simple for use, convenient for carrying.

The DQG CREE XP-G2 LED flashlight can produce super light. With Luminous glow dot on the tail, and luminous ring on the head, it is easy to find in the darkness. The flashlight can be used for illumination well, though it is small in size. When you are on your way home at night, the flashlight can light up the road or stair for you to keep you walk safely and securely.

The flashlight has rotate head to change modes, and you can adjust the mode based on your requirements and preference. It can run 90 minutes in high mode, and 35 hours in low mode. You can make the most of the flashlight according to these data.

All in all, DQG CREE XP-G2 LED flashlight is the tiniest flashlight I have ever seen. Although the flashlight is small in size, the flashlight can still do a lot for people easily and conveniently. The flashlight is good product for people to have, and it is a pity if you miss the opportunity to get such cute and practical flashlight.


  1. Jason


    What a delicate flashlight! My cousin sent it to me as a small gift. I like it every much.

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