CREE XPE Q5 LED Flashlight Review

CREE XPE Q5 LED flashlight is one of the best sellers on the market, and a lot of people have possessed this mini flashlight for practical uses. According to statistics, it is said that so many people apply it for practical use because this flashlight is small and light, skid-proof and easy-to-operate, portable and zoomable.


Small and light

The flashlight has super mini size, easy to carry. You can carry with the mini flashlight into your pocket as it is really small and light, only net weighing 33g. There are three colors of the flashlight, black, silver and golden, and you can choose the most suitable color based on your preference.

Skid-proof and easy-to-operate

CREE XPE Q5 skid-proof designCREE XPE Q5 button
This CREE XPE Q5 Mini LED flashlight has skid-proof design, making it easy and convenient to use this flashlight. Except that, the switch type of this flashlight is tail cap clicky switch. By pressing this switch, you can turn on and turn off this flashlight. It is obvious that the operation of this flashlight is really easy and convenient, allowing you to take full control of this flashlight fully and comfortably.

Portable and zoomable

CREE XPE Q5 FlashlightCREE XPE Q5 lighting

This flashlight is portable, obtaining a clip for convenient carrying. This flashlight has about 100 meters maximum range, able to be used for illumination well. When you are going to have outdoor activities, it is needed for you to carry a flashlight with yourself for illumination. What’ s more, this flashlight has blinding effect, useful and helpful for you to ensure your safety. The flashlight can be used to drive animals away, protecting you from the attack of animals. It can also function well in blinding the eyes of bad guys, to guarantee your safety to some extent. It is quite clear that this flashlight has amazing and appealing light effects.

Moreover, this flashlight is zoomable. You can zoom and zoom out the flashlight to meet your needs. In different situation, the requirements of light effect are different. Zoomable flashlight is created to satisfy the different requirements. This flashlight is definitely a practical and useful flashlight for you to have.

In a word, this CREE XPE Q5 LED flashlight can do you great favor if you have owned it. This flashlight is really functional and practical for both illuminating and keeping safe. It is no wonder that this flashlight has been accepted and welcomed by the public, having good sales volumes.


  1. Fenny


    Cool Flashlight! I LIKE the golden one. Do you know how much it cost and where I CAN get the quality product? Looking forward to your reply.

    • lightsadmin


      You can look at the top of the blog, you can find how to choose the best flashlight you like..thank you very much..

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