Convoy C8 LED Flashlight Review

Are you fond of LED flashlight? I am addicted to LED flashlight and I have collected many advanced high quality flashlights. Convoy C8 LED flashlight is my favorite LED flashlight on all my collections. This flashlight has obtained many outstanding characteristics, attracting my whole attention.
Among all the characteristics, this flashlight features driver circuit board AK47 7135*8, tail cap clicky switch and four kinds of LED wick, making this flashlight attractive and appealing.

Driver circuit board AK47 7135*8 for excellent performance

convoy c8 headConvoy C8 head inside

This flashlight has driver circuit board AK47 7135*8. When the battery voltage is lower than 3V, it will flicker automatically. The AK47 7135*8 has 2 seconds electricity memory way. If a gear is opened for more than 2 seconds, this gear will be memoried. So you need to open a gear mode within 2 seconds, and changing mode just need to half press the switch once. If it is more than 2 seconds, you need to half press the switch twice continuously.

Tail cap clicky switch for easy and convenient operation

convoy c8 led Flashlightconvoy c8 fluorescent tail-cap

The Convoy C8 LED flashlight is controlled by tail cap clicky switch, which is quite simple and easy to control and operate the flashlight. The flashlight has two kinds of modes of flashlight. The first kind of the mode is the three modes, low, mid and high. The second kind of mode is the five mode, low, mid, high, strobe and SOS. By pressing the tail cap switch, you can change the mode you like most to meet your various requirements.

Four kinds of LED wick for suitable and comfortable service

convoy c8 flashlight LED wick convoy c8 LED wick

This flashlight has four kinds of LED wick, and different LED wick has different color temperature. The first is the XML U2-1B with 6500 to 7000k color temperature, producing white light. The second is the XML T6-4C, having 4300 to 4500k color temperature. It is white light, but amber shift. The third is the XML2 U2-1A and its color temperature is the same as XML U2-1B, lighter than it. The fourth is the XML2 T6-4C. The color temperature of it is 4300 to 4500k which is the same as XML T6-4C, but it is lighter than it. These four kinds of LED wick are available for you to select, and each of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. You can choose the most suitable one based on your needs or preference.

Thanks to those above characteristics, this Convoy C8 LED flashlight can be used in many fields to meet different requirements. Many people have adopted it for illumination both indoors and outdoors. For outdoor activities, it can produce bright light to support the activities of people, such as camping, hiking, cycling, climbing, hunting and so on. As it has SOS mode, it is helpful and useful in ensuring the safety of people. The function of lighting and keeping safe are really practical and beneficial. Until now, you can see why this flashlight is my favorite, and this flashlight is really useful and satisfying.


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    Nice blog! Thanks for your information. Now, I know what this flashlight is really like and this flashlight is what I need.

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