Convoy C8, a Great All-Purpose LED Flashlight

Today, I want to give a review of the famous lantern from Convoy, namely C8. This model is considered to be something between the universal and long-range. And that’s why this LED flashlight became so popular.


Other lights, such as Olight or Nitecore, always come with all sorts of accessories, but the Convoy is on the contrary, just a minimum. However, the blame for this does not make sense, as the accessories are not important, superior quality and reliability, which in Convoy do not take away. Back at the farm, let’s check the Convoy C8 in detail.



– Brand: Convoy

– Model: C8

– Diode: xml2 U2-1A (6500-7000)

– Output: 900 lumens

– Reflector: Smooth Reflector (AR-coated inside)

– Mode Groups: two

– Waterproof: IPX-8 waterproof

– Driver: 7135×6 Copper DTP board

– Size: 44.5 (head)*143 (length)*25.6 (body)

– Weight: 145 grams (without battery)

– Battery: 18650


As for light, this parameter lantern fully lived up to expectations, shining it right under your feet or when you try to read a book in the maximum / average mode. But within 10 meters, it shines perfectly. To tell the truth, it is very difficult to describe the lamp, when most of the other lamps have exactly the same design.


And with the compact format, it’s comfortable to hold, and good for griping. Coning with the excellent finish, it looks immaculate. Built with excellent machining and workmanship, it provides great threads and good heatsinking. The built quality is fantastic, feels solid. And it really throws well and the modes are easy to program. And now, you can order Convoy C8 at Banggood for a reasonable price.


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