Best Solar Street Lights Of 2021 – Solar Led Street Lamps Reviews

Many people are now replacing their power with solar-powered lights, including the government who are now crossing over to using the solar lamps in the stadiums and even the street lights. The main benefit is not only to conserve energy but also save power bills. We have compiled several solar street lights to make sure that you get the one that suits you:

TENKLOO 15W LED Solar Street Lights

solar led street light

Achieving to get these street lights which are reliable and efficient will lit up your compound and the path of the house which will look amazing especially at night. From our analysis, we are happy to know that the solar street lights produce a bright light of 28 ultra-bright LEDs.  It gives light up to 2000 lumen which ensures that you clearly see everything around and below them.

In each of these lights, it comes with inbuilt 4.2Vlithium batteries and 15.4AH which are responsible to provide the necessary power. The batteries give a bright mode for 10 to 12 hours and then dim for more than 60hrs. Therefore, it gives proper lights even when there is no sunshine.

This lighting is automated to light sensor and sensitivity of motion. When motion is near, the light increases brightness which assures you that there is enough security throughout.

Solar light mart Alpha 1080 X 10w Solar Street Light

solar led street light

This lighting has a PIR function. This technology helps the lighting to remain off until they sense any movement. Without sensing any movement, the lights will stay off to save power. This lighting operates according to three different brightness and operating modes which can adjust and change depending on the preferences. The brightness changes from no PIR function mode to dim mode at 165 lumens and to finally full brightness of 1300lumen. This lighting can be perfectly fitted to any pole in your compound because it has a tilt mounting bracket that has locking screws that holds the lights in place. In terms of durability, the lights are made of plastic, glass, and corrosion-resistance to last long.

Solar Light Mart HEX 780X 6W Solar Ambience Street Lights

solar led street light

One of the features of the lights is that it produces the LED light which is non-invasive which means you can see all around the street lights and you can adjust the brightness of light depending on the amount of brightness you want. The fact that this lighting can fit the pole, its diameter cannot exceed 2.5 inches. The works best when they are ten to thirteen from each other and six to eight feet from the ground. The lights are made with durable and robust materials which make sure you have the lights for many years without needing to replace them.

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