Astrolux® FT03 LED Flashlight Review

Today we cast a light on one of the best lighting products in the market in recent months. The Astrolux FT03 Mini, it’s the smaller version of the FT03 released last summer. The Mini has some different LED options, and runs off a 18650 or 18350 battery, and has RGB Auxiliary LEDs. But everything else is the same. In a tiny way.

Astrolux FT03

Size & Weight

The FT03 LED Flashlight has a maximum length of 145mm and a diameter of 44 mm. This flashlight weighs 181.6g, while the original with a battery weighs 397.7g so less than half the weight. The light IPX7 water-rated but Astrolux makes sure to note not to submerge it in water.


The flashlight does have USB-C onboard in the head for recharging. It will require you to use a USB-A to C cable for this to work. It has a max charge rate at 1.65A, with overall charging taking 2:02:00 minutes to be exact.  Charging will begin and is indicated by the switch lights up in red, and when complete, it turns green.


Tests have been done with a Sony VTC6 battery, and a Vapcell 1100mAh for the 18350 test. Testing it directly out of the package without adjusting the thermal configuration since this is a bit of an advanced feature, you realize that it’s easy. That said this flashlight has the best runtime.


Astrolux FT03


The overall construction of the FT03 LED Flashlight is pretty much identical to the original except scaled down to fit the profile batteries instead of the 26650’s. Threads are anodized and ACME cut, the tail still includes stiff heavy-duty dual springs.

It’s nice that the company includes the 18350 tubes here too instead of making it an add-on. The button looks and feels comfortable to press, and it features the same LED indicators underneath. A slight difference to note is the charging port cover and how it attaches to the light itself.


You will love the original FT03 and you will agree that it’s a great value large format thrower. It is flexible and portable. This makes it easy to walk around with. Saying that the FT03 is a full-featured light is an understatement it simply doesn’t do it justice. The main objective of this flashlight is to cast its beam as far as possible and to be super tough at the same time. Having that in mind, the Astrolux® FT03 LED Flashlight wins! You should buy good on banggood, which is the global leading online shop.


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