Astrolux A01 & ThorFire PF03, EDC Mini LED Flashlight for Self-defense and Daily Use

As you know, flashlights are very useful to simply find things in a dark room and they can also be powerful tools in self-defense. But you cannot take a large tactical flashlight everywhere and all the time. So size is very important. Have you ever thought about getting a mini LED keychain light or a pocket flashlight for every day carry (EDC)? Today, I’d like to introduce two models of mini flashlight which are suitable for EDC.


Primarily, let’s talk about the mini LED keychain light, Astrolux A01. This flashlight is compatible with one AAA Alkaline battery or NI-MH battery, of which both offer high performance. It outputs 102LM brightness which is bright enough for self-defense as 120 Lumens can temporarily blind someone. What’s more, this keychain flashlight is IPX-8 waterproof, which means that the flashlight can be submerged below 1 meter continuously. The most important point is that this flashlight is with the dimensions of 65mm (Length) * 17mm (Diameter), very compact size.


The specifics of Astrolux A01:

Model: A01 Copper
Emitter Type: Nichia 219B
Material: Copper
Total Emitters: 1
Mode: Low, Mid, High, Strobe
Lumens: 102LM
Battery Configurations: 1 x  AAA Alkaline or NI-MH battery (not included)
Switch Type: Rotation
Switch Location: Head
Impact Resistant 2m
Waterproof: IPX-8
Weight: 45g
Size: 65mm X17mm



The other mini flashlight I want to show is the ThorFire PF03, a mini pocket flashlight. As you know, the clip has become the standard equipment of ThorFire PF flashlight series. Of course, the ThorFire PF03 is designed to have a customized clip as well. The dual functional clip allows users to clip the flashlight onto suits pocket for an easy carry or simply turn the clip to its reversed direction and fix it onto your hat brim as a cap light. The flashlight outputs a brightness of 110LM, enough for self-defense and other daily uses. Also it’s IPX-8 waterproof, with powerful water resistance. With the size of 84mm (Length) X 14mm (Diameter), it uses one AAA Battery for the power source.


Specifications of ThorFire PF03:

– Max output: 110 Lumens (maximum)

– LED Life: >20 years

– Runtime: 55minutes–High; 240hours–Low

– Made of Air-craft grade Durable Aluminum Alloy (body)

– IPX-8 water resistant

– With Body Clip, for an Easy Carry

– Power Source: one AAA Battery (NOT Included)

– Dimension: 84mm (Length) X 14mm (Diameter)

– Net weight: 17.5g

– Color: Black


If you are looking for a mini flashlight for self-defense or other daily use, these two mini flashlights are suitable for you. Also, they are affordable. The Astrolux A01 costs $29.95, and the ThorFire PF03 costs $16.99 both at Banggood. I recommend them if you are in need of such a mini flashlight.



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