Applying High Quality Fire-Foxes FF4 Flashlight For Illumination

Are you searching for a super bright light for illumination? Do you know what type of flashlight can produce bright light? Does it have high quality? It is said that Fire-Foxes FF4 flashlight is a type of flashlight which can produce super bright light. This flashlight is regarded as a high quality product, and the following will discuss what the flashlight is really like.

Fire-Foxes FF4The flashlight is made of 6061 aerospace-grade aluminum alloy. It has applied the surface coating to improve the brightness. The flashlight can produce super high brightness light, up to 4,000lm. The flashlight can be used for large area search in the middle distance due to the super light it can produce. The flashlight is a good illumination equipment.

Fire-Foxes FF4 flashlight has adopted more higher heat dissipation fins. When highlighting file 40w at room temperature, it can maintain close to 20 minutes, and then turn to low light. The flashlight really has excellent workmanship and quality, obtaining perfect after-sales service and technical support. The designs and features of the flashlight are really amazing and appealing.

Fire-Foxes FF4 FlashlightBesides, the flashlight needs four 18650 batteries to provide the power it demands for operation, and users can change the battery. The flashlight has thermal protection, 24W when thermal protection kicks in. The flashlight also has short-circuit, reverse polarity, over discharging protection, ensuring that the flashlight can be used safely and securely, and guaranteeing that the flashlight can work and function well.

By now, you can see what the Fire-Foxes FF4 flashlight is really about. It is easy to see that the flashlight has high quality, capable of producing bright light for illumination. If you need a bright high quality flashlight, this FF4 is a good choice for you, and it is believed that this flashlight can do you great help in your daily life if you have owned it.


  1. Aurora


    This flashlight is super bright. I can have a clear sight when it is totally dark. Nice product.

  2. fishinglovers


    Fantastic article post.Really looking forward to read more. Really Great.

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