Solar LED Strip lights are turning out to be increasingly more mainstream for home lighting. Without a doubt, you have heard the contention for LEDs over brilliant and even halogen bulbs: they are more effective, more splendid, longer enduring, they don’t deliver a lot of warmth, they are handily controlled and customized… the rundown continues forever. LEDs come in incredibly smaller bundles that are strong and impervious to stun, causing it so they too can be utilized in an assortment of ways.

One increasingly well-known path is in LED strip lighting. Linear (strip) lighting has gotten exceptionally mainstream and is turning into a reasonable choice for both business and private lighting applications. Purchasing LED strip lights may appear to be generally straight forward, yet there are numerous things you have to consider in ensuring you get the correct sort of light for your necessities. Finish this post as we stroll through the significant elements for LED strip lighting and go through our full line of LED light strips.

Solar led strip light


The LED Strips category is a general category that incorporates all various kinds of LED strip lights. Contingent upon how you intend to utilize the LED strips, you may require one sort over the other. The following is only a concise depiction of every sort of LED Strip Light. This guide will expound on them later as there are different kinds of strips in a portion of these classes.

DC LED Flex Strips – Powered from 12VDC, these flexible strip lights have a glue backing for simple mounting and can be cut every two inches. They are offered in waterproof alternatives and come in 30 LEDs/M or 60 LEDs/M.

AC LED Flex Strips – Flexible strip lights that run directly from your outlet. Please plugin, and they are all set.

LED Rope Light – Omni-directional LEDs in the standard rope light packaging.

High Output LED Strips – High Power LEDs from Cree, Luxeon, and Nichia mounted to unbending strips onboard drivers and hardware.


LED Strip Brightness

As LED technology keeps on improving, LED strips to keep on arriving at more brilliant abilities. This doesn’t mean all strips will be too brilliant; at times, you may not need the light to be too splendid. An example of this would be complement lighting inside a shelf.

The brightness of LEDs is measured in lumens. Contingent upon how you utilize the Solar LED strip light, you will presumably need a specific degree of lumens. For complement lighting, you will presumably not need anything more splendid than 200 Lumens for every foot except for different applications where you need all the lighter it just relies upon your inclination of how brilliant you need them. Thus, ensure you observe the Lumens/length alongside the LEDs/length as this will strongly affect the light quality and the kind of light the strip emits.


When purchasing light strips for an application, you should consistently think of how you will mount them and set them up. For specific strips like the DC LED Flex Strips, it is as simple as uncovering the cement backing and staying onto a perfect surface. Different establishments can be substantially harder for mounting, cutting, and wiring strips together. Here are a few variables you ought to consistently remember; we will get more explicit farther on in this post when we talk about every individual strip:

Know the absolute length of LED strips required

Ability numerous breaks will be in the lights or the number of isolated strips you need

Realize your strips force and voltage prerequisites

The adaptability of the LED strip lights

The sturdiness of the LED strips: Need Waterproofing?

Choose whether different parts, for example, connectors or additional wire, are required.

Solar led strip light


That about does it for our go through of LED strip lighting. Purchasing LED strip lights doesn’t need to be a troublesome cycle as long as you comprehend what to search for. When buying LED strips, the key for you is to make sure you know your application and area boundaries and then understand your options for installation, power demands, and colors.  With our scope of strips and choices, you will discover what your requirement for your lighting venture. Remember, is always available to give you the best and at an affordable price.

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