5V 1A Li-ion Mini Battery Charger For 18650

Today, I’ d like to introduce you a mini USB charger for your 18650 battery, that is 5V 1A Li-ion mini battery charger. This charger is super mini and compact, extremely portable and convenient for battery charging even while outside. To know what this mini battery charger is really like clearly, you can read the following.5V 1A Li-ion Mini Battery ChargerAccording to the picture, you can clearly see what this battery charger is really like clearly.5V 1A Li-ion Mini Battery Charger-2

It is 80mm in length and 23mm in diameter, only weighing 0.045kg. Its small size and light weight make it quite portable and easy to carry.5V 1A Li-ion Mini Battery Charger-3

This mini battery charger is perfect for 18650 li-ion battery. Its input voltage is DC 5V, and its output voltage is 5V, 1A at maximum.5V 1A Li-ion Mini Battery Charger-4

This battery charger can be connected to power bank through USB, extremely simple and convenient to use.

It is quite clear from the above that this 5V 1A Li-ion mini battery charger is portable, practical and convenient equipment for 18650 battery charging. Getting it for yourself, you can enjoy the great convenience and benefits this charger can bring to you.

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