New Generation Battery – 18650 Rechargeable Battery

The main disadvantage of batteries is the cost and lacks longevity. No battery can provide an entirely satisfactory solution to all today needs in the energy field. There are significant limitations of non-rechargeable batteries are store energy for a reasonable time. Compared to other energy sources, the batteries are not impressive. Their advantage is that they deliver power instantly. Some batteries contain hazardous materials and cannot be stored in a landfill. All batteries must be recycled to protect the environment.

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Each consumer disposes of millions of batteries, all containing corrosive and toxic materials; some are threats to human health and the environment. When batteries are not in good condition, they can disintegrate, and their poisonous substances can leach into the environment. Usual batteries can stop working sooner than expected. Traditional batteries discharges have a rate of 20%/month.
The situation is better when we use 18650 rechargeable battery. Here are some features:
• 18650 batteries are safe and environmentally friendly
• Secure shipping and good packing
• Discharge protection circuit
• Excellent results in emergency lighting, power tools or portable devices
• High energy density
• Short circuit avoided separating the positive pole from negative pole
18650 batteries have significant advantages.
1. Li-ion batteries are lighter and smaller than other rechargeable batteries.
2. 18650 batteries are suited for portable devices, such as laptops or smartphones.
3. Almost no memory effect. Memory effect is a phenomenon we can find in rechargeable batteries in which they lose the maximum energy when they are recharge repeatedly.
4. A significant advantage is the low self-discharge. The discharge rate of 1.5%/month. The batteries live longer when not used because of discharges slowly than the other types of batteries.
5. High open-circuit voltage. 18560 rechargeable battery have a chemistry that gives high open-circuit voltage than similar batteries.
6. Quick charging. 18560 rechargeable battery are faster to charge than other similar batteries. Compared to the competition, the Li-ion batteries are charged in a fraction of time.
7. Longer life. 18560 rechargeable battery handle hundreds of charge-discharge cycles. They lose 30% of their capacity after 5000 cycles, compared to similar batteries have a useful ability after only 1000 cycles.

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18650 rechargeable battery have some minor disadvantages, such as the cost, the sensitivity to high temperature, the aging effect, and thick discharge.
We can forget about these disadvantages, remembering the great advantages: the batteries cost more, but the total cost is lower. 18650 rechargeable battery have a small impact on the environment, as they can be recharged many times before replacing. Rechargeable batteries have the same size and power as traditional batteries. They are easily interchangeable.
Li-ion rechargeable batteries are suitable for portable devices, golf carts, electric bicycles, wheelchairs and uninterruptible power supplies.
Small rechargeable batteries can be used safely, and securely stored.

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